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Admission Requirements

A thorough understanding of the information contained in this brochure is assumed when a student formally applies for admission to the Educational Technology Master's degree program. Further clarification may be requested in writing. Because the number of students who can be admitted is limited, the admission process is highly competitive, and mere meeting of the established criteria (see below) does NOT guarantee automatic admission.

Admission Criteria

Prior Academic Record
A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in any field of study is acceptable to the Department, provided the student's undergraduate scholastic record is acceptable to the Graduate Division. A "B" average (i.e., 3.0 on a 4-point scale) of the last 60 semester hours of the undergraduate program is required for regular admission.

Commitment to the Profession.
Just as students in other professional schools (architecture, engineering, law, medicine, social work, nursing, and the like) are expected to have made career decisions with full understanding of the discipline and what may be expected of the professionals in that field, the faculty of educational technology expects that application for admission will signify an applicant's serious commitment to prepare for and enter the profession of educational technology. Only serious applicants should apply, and only well qualified applicants will be admitted.

Pre-Program Deficiencies
The faculty of the Educational Technology Department have identified two necessary prerequisites for entry into the program. The prerequisites are known at the UH as pre-program deficiencies. Because the two pre-program deficiencies are lab courses, they cannot be formally challenged by the process known as "credit by examination."

Formal courses in the following areas constitute the prerequisites for entry into educational technology master's degree program. Equivalent UH courses are listed below:

  • Media Production & Utilization UH equivalent: ETEC 414 "Media in Education"
  • Computer Knowledge & Skills UH equivalent: ETEC 442 "Computers in Education"

Unless there is evidence in the official transcripts submitted at the time of application for admission that the "deficiency" areas do not exist, and such evidence is recognized and approved during the admission process, the student will be expected to enroll in such courses prior to enrollment in EdTech Core courses. Removal of the deficiencies must, therefore, be considered in Program Planning by the prospective student for either the preceding Summer Session or even Spring semester. Applications will NOT be considered without an applicant's commitment to remove the deficiencies prior to (or at the extreme, during) the Fall semester of admission.

TOEFL (Intemational Students Only)
Students from other countries applying for admission to this program must present with their applications the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This applies even to applicants who have already earned a degree at an American university. Native speakers of English are exempt from this requirement.

The minimum score requirement is 650 (paper-based) or 280 (computer-based), which represents approximately the 85th percentile standing. Because spoken as well as written communication in English is extremely important in this field of study, the student with even that score may not be admitted until additional (non-credit) work in the English Language Institute is completed to department's satisfaction. Information on TOEFL can be obtained either from the Educational Testing Service, or from a university in the student's own country. A separate document available from the Chair of Educational Technology explains in greater detail the departmental use of the TOEFL scores.

Information on TOEFL can be obtained either from the Educational Testing Service, or from a university in the student's own country. A separate document available from the Chair of Educational Technology explains in greater detail the departmental use of the TOEFL scores.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), though no longer required, is still highly recommended by the program, and in some cases may be requested by the selection committee. The GRE provides a valuable information for choosing only well qualified individuals from among the scores of received applications. Availability of GRE scores may, therefore, be an advantageous to both applicants and the selection committee, as it will indicate the students' qualifications as well as their commitment to enter the profession.

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Admission Process

General Information
This brochure provides detailed information on the program, but should a prospective applicant desire clarification, the Department Chairman should be contacted directly. As stated earlier in this brochure, submission of an application for admission to the program in Educational Technology implies a thorough understanding of the program requirements.

Intent to Apply for Admission (Departmental Form)
Besides the usual demographic data, applicants must submit information indicating:

  1. the semester for which they intend to apply for admission;
  2. whether 2 or 3 years will be needed (and committed to) for orderly completion of the program;
  3. the status of pre-program deficiencies.

Information about these items is vital for evaluation of each application. It cannot be overemphasized that knowing each applicant's intended length of program is important for departmental planning purposes.

  1. a 500-word essay stating the applicant's professional goals is to be appended to the Intent Form (this essay must also be included in the formal Application for Admission to a Graduate Program). The applicant's writing ability will be judged primarily on the content of the essay, and on the organization of its ideas.

Click on the Intent Form to submit your intention to apply for admission. The print version in PDF format is also available here.

Application Form (UH Graduate Division form)
The form is obtainable from the Department or from the Graduate Division. It can be downloaded from the Graduate Division's home page on the Internet (http://www.hawaii.edu/graduate) in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat software is needed for downloading and printing. The form must be filled out completely and legibly. The item dealing with the applicant's long-range career objectives and professional goals is the same as in the department's Intent Form, but it must be included here as well. Payment of a $25 application fee ($50 for international students) needs to be included.

Personal Interview
Personal interview may be scheduled if and when the faculty selection committee determines a need for further information from local applicants. A prospective student from the neighbor islands, another state or a foreign country must, in lieu of the anticipated personal interview, submit either a ten-minute videotape or a computer presentation, describing the applicant's personal, academic and professional background and long-range professional plan. The videotape must be in the NTSC standard, in the VHS format; computer presentation need be in PowerPoint (either Mac or PC format) on a ZIP100 disk or on a CD-ROM R.

The media should be sent directly to the Chairman, Educational Technology, University of Hawaii, 1776 University Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96822 (NOT to the Graduate Division as other materials), and must reach the Department in time for consideration during the admission process. The videotape will NOT be returned if the applicant is not admitted to the program.

Letters of Recommendation
At least three letters of recommendation are to be submitted directly to the department. These recommendations should evaluate the applicant in terms of his or her potential professionalism in the field of educational technology, not only in terms of academic abilities to do graduate work. Faculty of the Educational Technology Department should not be the recommending persons.

Additional Documentation
All applicants are encouraged to submit additional material or documentation, or samples of work relevant to the evaluation and selection process. (See particularly the suggestion about the GRE scores on the previous page.)

What to Submit, When and Where
  1. To the Department Chairman
    Educational Technology
    1776 University Avenue,
    Wist Hall 232
    Honolulu, Hl 96822
  • "Intent to Apply for Admission" form as soon as a commitment is made by the applicant.
  • "Express Information Form"
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Videotape or computer presentation (if needed)
  • GRE scores (if deemed useful by the applicant, or deemed necessary by the selection committee)
  1. To the UH Graduate Division
    2540 Maile Way, Spalding 354,
    Honolulu, HI 96822
  • Application for Admission and $25 application fee by March 1 for Fall admission. (For foreign students, the deadline is Jan. 15, the fee is $50.)
  • TOEFL scores(if applicable) - test to be taken not later than December preceding the Fall admission.

Notification of Admission Status

The Graduate Division notifies all applicants of their admission or non-admission status when the program selection process is completed. The notification letter can be expected about 10 weeks after the application deadline. Admitted students must notify ASAP the Graduate Division of their intention to register in the specified semester (admission letter is valid ONLY for that semester). Without declaring acceptance, the student will not be able to register.

Health Clearance Policy Requirements for Entering Students

Several health clearance policy requirements are being strictly enforced, and newly admitted students need to be aware of them. The information, forms and instructions will be included in the new student packet sent by Admissions and Records Office, but are highlighted here: The policy requires:

  1. A tuberculin (PPD) skin test within 12 months of enrollment, and a chest X-ray of the skin test is positive. For foreign students, skin tests should be performed at the Student Health Service after the students arrive on campus. Note that the previous requirement of a chest X-ray report prior to the issuance of the I-20 has been eliminated.
  2. Two doses of measles vaccination. This requirement is waived only if the student was born before 1957, or can provide a physician-confirmed diagnosis of disease or serologic evidence of immunity.

Tuberculin skin testing, measles vaccine and serologic testing are available through the Student Health Services (956-8965) for a fee.

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