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Students majoring in Educational Technology are being trained to assume leadership roles as educational professionals. It is, therefore, expected that they will build their own collection of professional tools, including reference materials and equipment. In all courses, the cost of materials and services must be borne by the students. The faculty of Educational Technology recommend that students consider the following:

  1. A personal computer is required in all aspects of the program. All students must have their own computer, as the dependence on someone else's equipment (including the labs') has proven to be unreliable. A quality printer must also be available. Though no particular brand is endorsed by the department, either Macintosh and Windows platforms are acceptable. While a preference for a specific "platform" is understandable, the student will be expected to acquire a reasonable knowledge of, familiarity with and use of other platforms. The particulars given below reflect what is available in departmental facilities.

Upon determination of ultimate needs, the selected brand/model needs to have high (at least 64 MB) and still expandable memory (RAM), high and/or expandable storage memory (8GB and even more is not unreasonable), and a fast-speed CD-ROM. For multimedia use and development, peripheral components (such as a ZIP, or CD-ROM-R or even WR drive) may become necessary to be added to the system. For laptops or notebooks, high speed modem, of course, is a sine-qua-non of the system, although a fax/modem may prove to be more useful. For desktops, service to the Internet through DSL or cable modem connection may be preferable. A good printer is also a must, while a scanner and a fax machine are additional items to be seriously considered.

  1. Textbooks, trade books, and software will be needed in most ETEC courses. As future professionals, the students are expected to own personal copies of such resources as MS Office. The faculty are aware of the high cost of many of these items, and make the requirements of them only after careful consideration of their value to future professionals.

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