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Registration for TAP

Current students in the University of Hawaii system can register for TAP courses through PA'E in the usual manner. Individuals who are not current students but wish to enroll in TAP courses can register through Outreach College. Directions on registering through Outreach College are provided below. For tuition and fees for The University of Hawaii at Manoa click here, for tuition and fees for Outreach College click here. Registering Through Outreach College

The following directions are given courtesy of Outreach College:

  1. Call Outreach College at (808) 956-8400 or toll free at 1-800-862-6628 to get an Outreach College Credit Course Application Form. You can also email Outreach College at: help@outreach.hawaii.edu
  1. Once the Outreach College Credit Course Application Form is completed, mail it to 2440 Campus Rd Box 447, Honolulu, HI 96822 or drop it off at 2500 Dole St., Krauss 101, Honolulu, HI. Your student record should be active in the student database within a week, and then you will be able to register through PA'E, the telephone registration system.
  1. Before attempting to register via PA'E, be sure you have all of your course information ready by completing the worksheet below. Be sure to check both the UHM General and Graduate Information Catalog and the Schedule of Courses for course pre-requisites and other important information. Check the status of the courses you want to register for through PA'E (by phone or the Web) and obtain approvals for closed classes before calling to register.
  2. Course
    Number (CRN)
    Phone Approval Code
    Subject Course Number
    Meeting Days
    Meeting Times
    Credit Hours

  3. You are now ready to access PA'E.
    Call (808) 296-6723 or connect to http://www.pae.hawaii.edu anytime between 7:00 a.m. and midnight.
  • First, enter your student identification number or SSN.
    If this is your first time using PA'E, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is initially set to your birth date - e.g., January 8, 1975=010875.
  • Next, the system will prompt you to create your own 4-digit PIN.
    The PIN you create will then be used each time you access PA'E, so be sure to keep a good record of it. If you should forget your PIN, call the Outreach College Student Services office at (808) 956-8400 or toll free at 1-800-862-6628 during regular work hours (M-F, 8 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; closed on weekends and holidays).
  • You must select the term in which you would like to register.
    For Outreach College courses, you must select OUTREACH COLLEGE. By phone, PRESS 3; by Web, select Outreach College.

    SELECT 1 to register for or add a course.
    SELECT 2 to drop a course.
    SELECT 3 to hear/view your schedule.
    SELECT 4 for payment information.

Caution: payment and drop deadlines vary. Your registration process is NOT complete until you listen/view option If your payment is not received by the deadline, your registration may be canceled.

SELECT 5 for more registration options, e.g., change grading option, check whether a class is open.
SELECT 8 to return to previous menu.
SELECT 9 to end your session BEFORE you hang up or disconnect.

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