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Procedures for Borrowing Equipment

  • To request the equipment, call the Technology Consultants at 956-3635 or send an e-mail to coetech@hawaii.edu, at least two days in advance. The TLC cannot guarantee same-day reservations!
  • When calling or e-mailing the TLC, please include your name, department or COE course, and UH ID barcode number (located below the barcode on the UH ID). All reservations will be linked to your UH ID barcode number.
  • New users are required to set up an appointment with a Technology Consultant in order to review how to set up and use the equipment properly.
  • Make an appointment to pick up the equipment during regular operating hours.
  • Come to Wist 236 to pick up the equipment, at the agreed scheduled time, with a valid UH ID card.
  • When returning the equipment, review the list of equipment to ensure that all of the components are there.
  • Have the Technology Consultant certify that all the components are there and are in good condition when checking the equipment back in.
  • Notify the Technology Consultants of any difficulty or problems you had with the equipment or procedures so that they may improve the service of the TLC.
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