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TLC Software

Who may preview the TLC software?

Any visitor to the TLC may preview software programs on the Software Preview computer, available on-site.

Can the Preview Software be installed on my computer in my office or at my home?

Most of the CD-ROMs and computer disks kept within the TLC are to be used on-site only. Agreements with publishers and various copyright holders require that all software items are to be used for preview purposes only.

Procedures for previewing TLC software

  • Call the Technology Assistants at 956-3635 or send an e-mail to coetech@hawaii.edu to ensure that the TLC is staffed and the Software Preview station is available.
  • When calling or e-mailing the TLC, please include your name, department or COE course, and UH ID barcode number (located below the barcode on the UH ID). All reservations will be linked to your UH ID barcode number.
  • Ask a Technology Consultant for help in loading the software or in demonstrating the features of certain software.

Follow the same guidelines established for Equipment Resources.

If you need a helping hand to guide you through software or equipment, we've have compiled a series of tutorials and job aids just for you. Please feel free to download as many copies as you would like.

Most of the tutorials are in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader now!

Software Tutorials


Aura (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

Claris Home Page (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

Hyperstudio (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

PowerPoint PC (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

PowerPoint MAC (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

PowerPoint 2001 for Mac (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)


iMovie 2 (HTML Format and PDF Format tutorials)

Streaming Video (Click to Presentation)
The following presentation was created using PowerPoint XP and includes video clips that may not work when downloaded.

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