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Department of Educational Technology

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The Department of Educational Technology (Edtech) offers a diversity of Program & Courses to graduate students, undergraduate students, as well as lifelong learners. Edtech offers a masters program, a doctoral cognate, TIES (Technology Intensive Enhancement Series), and TAP (Technology Activators Project).

As an academic discipline, it prepares individuals to be knowledgeable about learning resources (messages, people, materials, devices, techniques and settings), about the processes for analyzing and devising solutions to those problems through research, theory, design, production, evaluation, utilization, and about the processes involved in organization and personnel management. The training prepares an individual for an activity which is basically intellectual and which carries a great personal responsibility. This professional activity is based upon a body of knowledge rather than on routine tasks. Such routines should not be confused with communications and instructional techniques which form the basis of professional education in the discipline.

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