EECB Evoluncheon Series

Fridays 11:30 to 12:30

Gilmore 306


Faculty meeting


Student meeting


Dr. Charles Birkeland

Department of Biology

Biological understanding of Pacific islanders allows working with, not against, coral-reef fisheries





Dr. Brian Bowen

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Fishes that rule the world: circumtropical distributions revisted


Jessica Maxfield

Department of Biology

Dude look like a lady: how a fish goes from sperm producing to ova producing and (sometimes) back again


No Evoluncheon


Dr. Mark Merlin

Department of Botany

Contested classification of Cannabis: economic, social, political and legal ramifications


Dr. Lenny Freed

Department of Biology

Water monitor lizards repeatedly dig up and eat carrion and Sri Lanka for biologists



Barnabas Seyler

Department of Botany

An ethnobotanical approach to orchid biocultural diversity conservation in China


An introduction to the various botanical garden models in China: challenges and opportunities


Jesse Adams

Department of Botany

Title forthcoming

April Cascasan

Department of Botany

Resolution of the evolutionary relationships of Myoporum stellatumand M. sandwicense in the Hawaiian Islands

Nipuni Sirimalwatta

Department of Botany

Phylogeny, evolution and biogeography of the genera Radiogrammitis Parris and Oreogrammitis Copel. (Polypodiaceae)




No Evoluncheon - Spring Break



Emilie Richards

Department of Biology

Detecting bias in phylogenetic inference: an empirical assessment of model performance (MS defense)


No Evoluncheon - Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium


Raphael Ritson-Williams

Department of Biology

Patterns and Processes Driving Coral Response to a Changing World


Dr. Lisa ('Cali') Crampton

Kaua‘i Forest Bird Recovery Project

Kauai's forest birds: how research has informed management and conservation


Áki Láruson

Department of Biology

Baileen them out: fin and minke whale hunting and protection in the North Atlantic



Annick Cros

Department of Biology

Zooming in: the genetic structure of the coral Acropora hyacinthus from regional to local scale


Dr. Peter Marko

Department of Biology

The impacts of seafood substitutions on consumption and conservation of marine biodiversity



Welcome to EECB

The EECB graduate specialization at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is an interdisciplinary program promoting integration among the traditionally separate disciplines that come together synergistically under the umbrella of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. Participation in the program is available to students enrolled in the M.S. and Ph.D. programs of the affiliated Mānoa departments. The program draws on the resources of approximately 50 faculty with research skills in many specialized areas, from various departments in the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, the School of Medicine, and the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, as well as from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and affiliate faculty from other agencies.

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Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students


As a follow-up to the 30 October 2015 Evoluncheon (Drs. Mark Hixon and Rob Toonen), a link is provided here to Mark's extremely useful 2004 co-authored paper "Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students" published in the Ecological Society of America Bulletin. And here is a link to former EECB faculty member Dr. Chris Lepczyk's 2011 paper "A beginner's guide to reviewing manuscripts in ecology and conservation" published in Ideas in Ecology and Evolution.

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Bowen who was awarded the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research 2016, and belated congratulations to Dr. Bob Thomson who received the award for 2015.


EECB Fellowships 2016

The following graduate students have been awarded EECB fellowships:

Maybelle Roth Fellowship - Marla Chassels, Amy Hruska

Watson T. Yoshimoto Fellowship - Jesse Adams, Marla Chassels

Hampton & Meredith Carson Fellowship - Helena Brasil Barreto, Emily Johnston


Please welcome new EECB students for 2016: Biology Department—Helena Barreto, Erik Brush, Eric Dilley; BotanyDepartment—Jesse Adams, Ashley McGuigan, Patricia Pali, Barnabas Seyler, Peter Wiggin; Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences—Brad Reil


The new 2015-2016 graduate student representatives are Jessica Maxfield and Rachael Wade

IACUC protocols and regulations - Evoluncheon presentation by Melilssa Van Kleeck 12 December 2014

Latest News from EECB

A selection of new publications from EECB members in 2016


Ahti, P.A., Coleman, R.R., DiBattista, J.D., Berumen, M.L., Rocha, L.A. & Bowen, B.W. 2016. Phylogeography of Indo-Pacific reef fishes: sister wrasses Coris gaimard and C. cuvieri in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Journal of Biogoegraphy on-line early


Barton, K.E. 2016. Low tolerance to simulated herbivory in Hawaiian seedlings despite induced changes in photosynthesis and biomass allocation. Annals of Botany 10.1093/aob/mcw021


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Cowie, R.H., Héros, V., Yeung, N.W. & Hayes, K.A. 2016. Annotated catalogue of types of Hawaiian land and freshwater snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, with lectotype designations. Zoosystema 38(2): 245-266.


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Price, M.R., Forsman, Z.H., Knapp, I., Hadfield, M.G. & Toonen, R.J. 2016. The complete mitochondrial genome of Achatinella mustelina (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Stylommatophora). Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources 1: 183-185.


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Venegas-Li, R., Cros, A., White, A. & Mora, C. 2016. Measuring conservation success with missing Marine Protected Area boundaries: a case study in the Coral Triangle. Ecological Indicators 60: 119-124


Wotton, D.M., Drake, D.R., Powlesland, R.G. & Ladley, J.J. 2016. The role of lizards as seed dispersers in New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 46: 40-65.

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