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Welcome to the eFacilities AiM home page

     This site is administered through the Office of Capital Improvements (OCI), for users of eFacilities AiM. The AiM system offers four basic functionalities: Work Order Management, Space Planning, Property Data Management and Asset Tracking. On this site you will find two main sections, the main page for End-users and an internal users page. The main page is where you will find information on the general use of AiM, technical support issues and individual campus contact points. Some campuses have their own departmental websites where you may find pertinent information specific to your campus. Please use the campus links above to get to your specific homepage. For internal users, please proceed to the Internal tab.

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Notices & Announcements

Clear Cache to Fix Display Issues

Due to the upgrade, it has been brought to our attention that some folks are having problems with screens not displaying properly. To address this issue, you must clear your cache. Instructions to clear cache for different browsers can be found at

Browsers download web pages and store them on your computer (to the cache) to help speed up web browsing. When you go back to that page, the browser speeds up the display because the page is loaded locally from the cache instead of downloading it again. Sometimes this results in an older version of the page being displayed. Over time, your browser may actually slow down as large amounts of data has been saved to your hard drive. Not only pages are stored, but sensitive information like login ID's and passwords can also be stored. Clearing your cache regularly will help ensure better health, speed and performance of your computer. It is recommended that you clear your cache and cookies on a regular basis, at least once a month if not more.


Announcing AiM Version 8.1.1 coming soon!

New features include:

  • New Main WorkDesk page
  • Updated user interface
  • New icons, enhanced approval screens
  • View menu moved from a drop-down to a menu list on the left side of the screen
  • Lower case now available in Description fields and the Notes Log View (which now allows editing of notes based on privileges)
  • Notes Log entries now editable

The upgrade is scheduled for Friday, January 15 - Saturday, January 16, 2016. Stay tuned for further details!

Download the 8.1.1 User Guide here


A Note on the Listserv

The Office of Capital Improvements (OCI) and the eFacilities AiM team would like to say a few words about a recent listserv message sent out to AiM users. The message was sent by the Manoa Facilities Work Coordination Center with the intention of spreading awareness and encouraging open interaction. It was most unfortunate that following the initial message, a slew of responses were sent to the entire listserv group, causing some frustration and complaints.

OCI is working with Manoa Facilities to ensure proper delivery of future messages. It is the desire of Manoa Facilities to engage with its customers, keep the campus community informed, and open the lines of communication. OCI supports this endeavor and will continue to assist Manoa Facilities in its improvement efforts.


Important Reminder: Bookmarking AiM Login Page
The proper way to login to AiM is from the eFacilities website.  Incorrectly bookmarking an internal URL may cause you to experience issues from time to time. 
An example of a bookmark that should NOT be used is
If you have trouble logging in, please verify that you are logging in from Please bookmark this URL for future reference.


Contact AiM Project Administration Click to expand table downward

AiM Project Administration Name Phone Email
Systemwide Project Manager Chassidy Shinno
Office of Capital Improvement Ryan Kurashige
Facilities Planning Office for Community Colleges Brian Kashiwaeda 956-0864