Environmental Compliance

Public Involvement & Participation

The Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) Team members, and their general roles and responsibilities pertaining to storm water permit compliance, are listed on Table 1.

These team members are MS4 users; and, have been made fully aware of their compliance responsibilities via training, email correspondences, and/or site visits.

While overall compliance is overseen by the Environmental Compliance Officer, the entire SWMP Team functions as a whole to ensure permit conditions are continually met.

Communication between the Environmental Compliance Officer and various SWMP Team Members occurs frequently, which enables, for example, the following:

Given the dynamic nature of storm water management at UHM, it is expected that SWMP revisions will occur at least annually.

When changes are made, the revised SWMP will be sent electronically to all SWMP Team members discussed in Table 1, with a clear description of the change; and, a deadline upon which to acknowledge changes.

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