1. EHSO sends out notice to Manoa campus coordinators for upcoming disposal.

  2. Coordinators send in inventories by specified date using the fluorescent bulb disposal form.

  3. EHSO puts out RFQ. Makes arrangements for pick-up. Notifies department of pick-up date and location.

  4. Departments bring bulbs to specified pick-up site (e.g., FPMO Warehouse) before contractor pick-up (dates and times to be announced).

  5. Packing Instructions: Spent bulbs are to be intact and in original boxes. Boxes must be full and securely taped--no loose bulbs. Use newspaper or cardboard to secure bulbs in boxes.

  6. If a lamp is broken, the broken pieces must be immediately cleaned up and placed in a plastic bag and then into a cardboard or solid plastic container. Gloves should be worn during the clean up of broken lamps to avoid possible cuts from the broken glass. A dustpan and brush can be used to perform the clean up. Call the EHSO to arrange for disposal of containers of broken bulbs as these cannot be sent for recycling. Employees shall wash their hands with soap and water after cleaning up broken lamps and before eating, drinking or applying cosmetics. The presence of any broken glass or fluorescent lamp powder in or around the area where the used fluorescent lamps are stored would be a violation of the regulations and could result in a fine against the University.

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