UH Scientific Diver Qualification Course

UH-MANOA Scientific Diver Qualification Course, SPRING SEMESTER 2024

Aloha UH Divers and Prospective DIT’s:

Contingent on continued stability in the local infectivity rates, the UH Diving Control Board has approved the UH-Manoa DSP to offer the Scientific Diver Qualification Course (SDQC) in the Spring 2024 semester, beginning in January and operating on our standard schedule of Tues/Thurs evenings for lectures, and Saturdays of practical training.   DSP intends to return to in-person instruction for lectures as well as practical training. With regards to COVID-19, a true “bubble” environment is not achievable.  Therefore, all participating personnel must be vaccinated against COVID19 and agree to adhere to prudent personal behaviors possible for the duration of the course to reduce their (and other SDQC participants) risk of infection.

Aloha, Dave

UH Scientific Diver Qualification Course

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 – Thursday, May 2, 2024

Conducted by the UH-Manoa Diving Safety Program

This course* is designed to meet the University of Hawaii and American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) diving knowledge and skill requirements for authorization as a Scientific Diver. Successful completion will also result in certifications in: AAUS SCIENTIFIC DIVER; NAUI/DAN DIVING FIRST AID FOR PROFESSIONAL DIVERS; NAUI SCUBA DIVER RESCUE; NAUI NITROX DIVER; either NAUI ADVANCED DIVER or MASTER DIVER based on prior experience.

Lecture Sessions: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30 PM

Topics include: Diving First Aid for Professional Divers; Diving Rescue and Accident Management; Applied Physics and Physiology; Equipment Design, Function, Maintenance, and Field Troubleshooting; Dive Planning and Air Management; Decompression Theory, Dive Tables and Dive Computers; Physical and Biological Diving Environment; Dive Vessel Operations; Navigation, and Seamanship; Introductions to Specialized Diving Modes.

Open Water/Practical Training: Saturdays 8:30AM -5:00 PM (2 Dives per day)

Training will include: Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, Diving First Aid and Oxygen Administration; Diver Rescue; Dive Accident Management; Out of Air Emergency Protocols; UW Navigation; Search and Recovery; Night Diving; Deeper Diving; Nitrox Diving; Marine Life Survey and Data Collection Methods.

Cost Recovery Fee UH Student/ Faculty/ Staff: $850.00

Cost Recovery Fee for Partner Institutions: $1,700.00

Payable at the start of course. Includes study materials, registrations, scuba cylinders and gas fills, and boat charters. Divers must provide own SCUBA equipment meeting UHDSP regulations, or make prior arrangements with UHDSP.

Prerequisites: Open to all UH Scientific Divers-In-Training.

1.  Approval of advisor or major professor, verifying need for studies or work.

2.  UH Diver Application and UH Diving Medical Exam

Must be received by UHDSP prior to start of semester (January 3):

Application and certifications

UH Diving Medical Examination and Physician’s Approval to Dive

3.  Diver-In-Training status

Completed prior to start of diving (January 31).

DAN Diving Accident Insurance for non-employees;

Personal Equipment Service/Inspection (regulator, alternate air source, BC inflator, gauges);

DIT Pool swim and dive skill evaluations, DIT Open water skill evaluations


For application and medical forms, see: www.hawaii.edu/ehso/diving-safety-forms

This SDQC will have 12 available spaces.  Ranked priority acceptance will be given to divers fully qualified as Divers In Training before December 29, 2023.

Admittance pending on space availability.

In case of over-enrollment, priority will be given based on order of university rank, Date of DIT qualification, and immediacy of need for training.

To Register, or for more information, contact:

UH Diving Safety Program Office at (808) 956-9643 or email: uhdsp@hawaii.edu

*In keeping with the training requirements of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences and UH policy, the UH Diving Safety Program does not offer training to the general public.  The UH Scientific Diver Qualification Course (SDQC)  is considered employer-provided occupational safety training, and is generally only open to UH faculty, staff and students who need it to complete their official UH research or educational activities.   In rare circumstances, UHDSP will accommodate scientists from partner AAUS or state or federal agencies, with the approval of the agency’s diving safety control board.