Employee Information and Training



PI's shall ensure that information and training are provided
at the time of an employee's initial assignment to a work 
area where hazardous chemicals are present and prior to 
assignments involving new exposure situations.  PI's may 
contact the CHO for assistance in providing training.  
Refresher training shall be conducted and documented at 
least annually.

A.	Information

        All laboratory personnel shall be informed of:

     	1.   requirements of the HIOSH Standard, "Hazardous 
	     Chemicals in Laboratories" (Appendix III);

     	2.   the contents and availability of this Chemical
	     Hygiene Plan;

     	3.   permissible exposure limits (PELs) for HIOSH 
	     regulated substances (Appendix IV) or recommended 
	     exposure limits where there is no applicable 
	     HIOSH standard;

    	4.   signs and symptoms associated with exposures to
	     hazardous chemicals used in their laboratory;

     	5.   the location of reference materials on the 
	     hazards, safe handling, storage and disposal 
	     of hazardous chemicals found in the laboratory 
	     including, but not limited to, Material Safety 
	     Data Sheets (MSDS's).

B.	Training

      	Employee training shall include:

     	1.   the physical and health hazards associated with 
	     chemicals stored and used in their work area;

     	2.   the contents of this Chemical Hygiene Plan;

     	3.   methods and observations that may be used 
	     to detect the presence or release of a hazardous 
	     chemical (e.g., exposure monitoring conducted by 
	     the CHO, visual appearance or odor of hazardous 
	     chemicals when being released, etc.).