Environmental Compliance Public Education & Outreach

Public Education & Outreach
Many varied opportunities for storm water-related public education and outreach are available at UHM.  However, not all are initiated and implemented at the EHSO level.  Some opportunities involve different UHM departments and organizations; and, include:

UHM Library: The library contains a wide assortment of materials on storm water management, such as those discussing: low impact development (e.g., green roofs and retention basins); water quality assessments; water pollution; and, best management practices.

Water Resources Research Center: The Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) provides numerous services – via student research and/or grant money – such as: storm water education; survey and modeling analysis for storm water runoff; seminars; and, assessments of storm water impacts in the planning phase of project development.

Environmental Degree Programs: UHM offers several environmental degree programs, whose course work can involve storm water issues, ranging from policy development to sampling and testing:

Various Student Groups: Various UHM student groups, such as those listed below, frequently organize Manoa Stream and campus clean-ups:

Storm Drain Placard Maintenance: Every summer and winter, placards are checked and replaced, as necessary, on storm drains throughout the UHM Campus and all off-site locations. These placards are affixed, on roadway storm drains or those with a concrete border, using waterproof epoxy. Due to placement limitations, placards are not positioned on storm drains in landscaped areas bordered either by dirt or vegetation. The placards provide students and visitors with the message not to dump, as all campus storm drains lead to a stream.

Participation in Agricultural & Environmental Awareness Day: The annual event is hosted by the UHM College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources; and, held at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center. During the field day event, which is intended for elementary aged children, the Environmental Compliance Officer presents information (either in the form of an exhibit or oral presentation) on storm water awareness.

If you would like to assist with “Public Education & Outreach” activities at UHM, EHSO could certainly use your help! We are specifically searching for student group(s) and/or individual participation in any of the below areas:

  • Storm drain placard placement;
  • Manoa Stream clean-up events; and/or,
  • Visits to the Manoa Stream storm drain outfalls for assistance with water sampling and visual observations.

In addition, please note that storm water education sessions are available for your class/organization.

If you would like more information on any of the above areas – or simply have a separate storm water related project to discuss/propose – please contact the UH Environmental Compliance Officer for assistance (phone: 956-9173 / email: tavias@hawaii.edu ).