Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Generator Training

Federal and State regulations as well as the UH Hazardous Materials Management Program (HMMP) require that all generators of hazardous waste receive mandatory initial training and annual refresher training. The purpose of the training is to provide waste generators with EPA requirements and University hazardous materials/waste policies and procedures. EHSO will not accept a request for disposal of excess hazardous materials or hazardous waste unless the waste turn in form is signed by a generator that has attended the initial training or a refresher training within the past year.

    Initial hazardous waste training is held at the EHSO Training Room, located at 1980 East-West Rd. - Building 149C (Campus Security Portable) Room 6. See also the UH Campus Map [Location is listed under Campus Security(CS)].

    You must be a UH employee working on the Manoa campus to attend this training. UH staff and faculty located at off campus facilities(e.g., Leahi Hospital, CRCH, HIMB, CTAHR Ag Stations, Community Colleges) must attend hazardous waste training provided at their facility.

    Please send an e-mail to: hansn@hawaii.edu to reserve a training date and time. Include your title, location, department and office phone number in the email request.

    In addition, laboratory safety training is required for all new employees working at UH laboratories. See the Laboratory Safety training schedule for more information.

Annual Refresher Training Classes (1.5 Hours)

FOR UH MANOA CAMPUS ONLY: Annual refresher training for faculty, staff and students who are located at the UH Manoa Campus is now offered online via Laulima at https://laulima.hawaii.edu/autoenroll/?hazwastemanoa.

FOR JABSOM KAKA’AKO OR JABSOM OFF-CAMPUS FACILITIES ONLY: Annual refresher training for faculty, staff and students who are located at JABSOM Kaka’ako or JABSOM off-campus facilities will need to access the online training through the JABSOM Kaka’ako EHSO website at http://www.hawaii.edu/ehso/kakaako

FOR ALL OTHER OFF-CAMPUS FACILITIES: Annual refresher training for faculty, staff and students located at off-campus facilities such as UHCC Kaka’ako, HNEI-HFCTF, HIMB, IFA, PBRC-KML, Lyon Arboretum, Makai Pier, UHMC, Waikiki Aquarium, etc. will need to access online training via Laulima at https://laulima.hawaii.edu/autoenroll/?hazwasteoffcampus.

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