UH Safety Solutions: Lab Hazard Assessment (LHA)

Lab Hazard Assessment (LHA) simplifies the hazard assessment process for research labs and recommends the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required within a lab based on the hazards revealed during the assessment. The tool was developed at the University of California as part of a response to a fatal lab accident and has since been used by tens of thousands of researchers at the 10-campus system.

Log in to UH Safety Solutions to complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHA)

Principal Investigator (PI)/Faculty:

  1. Creates a lab — Creates a group name (Building Name, PI Last Name) (e.g. Bilger Hall Nielsen Lab), identifies group members and selects the location covered.
  2. Assigns a delegate(s) — Delegates can be designated by editing lab member permissions in Manage Lab.
  3. Manages roster — Adds and removes people from their lab. Room allocations can also be modified.
  4. Conducts lab hazard assessment — Creates or modifies a custom lab hazard assessment for this group.
  5. Finalizes lab hazard assessment — the assessment must be reviewed and certified by the PI before group members can review.


  1. Manage roster — Add and remove people from their lab. Room allocations can also be modified.
  2. Conducts lab hazard assessment — Can create or modify a custom lab hazard assessment on behalf of the PI.  *Please note that only the PI can certify the lab hazard assessment for a group.

All Users:

Review and acknowledge the certified lab hazard assessment — Anyone working in the lab must acknowledge that they have read and agree with the lab hazard assessment and review the PPE recommendations.

For more information, see the “Assessment:  Getting Started” guide.