Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Forms

RSP-1 Application For Use of Radioactive Materials

This form is used to apply to use radioactive materials as a Principal Investigator (PI) under the University of Hawaii NRC license. The application is reviewd and approved by the Radiation Safety Committee.

RSP-2 Statement of Training and Experience

All radiation workers must submit this form before they will be approved for radioactive work.

RSP-3a Application for Amendment of Authorization

This form must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Committee when any changes are requested for the Principal Investigator's authorization. For example, changes in personnel, isotope limits, lab locations, etc., may be changed with this form.

RSP-4 Procurement Authorization for Radioactive Materials

This form must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office prior to ordering radioisotopes from vendors for approval. Approved forms are attached to the purchase orders and can then be processed for payment. See "New Procedures for Isotope Shipment & Waste Disposal" for information regarding control over isotope shipments and waste disposal of shipments.

RSP-7 Request for Personal Dosimeters

This form must be submitted to the RSP office to order dosimeters. Dosimeters will be paid for by the PI unless the regulations require a dosimeter. The RSP will determine who meets the requirements to receive a dosimeter. Declared pregnant worker dosi meters are provided by the RSP.

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