ELI Placement Test Results

Your ELI Placement Test results are listed according to your ELI ID number (this is the number you were given when you took the ELI placement test).

1) Find your ELI ID number and read across to find out your results from the listening, reading, and writing tests.

2) Read across further, under "ELI Classes to Take", to find out which ELI classes, if any, you need to take, and in which semesters. In most cases, your test results will automatically determine which ELI courses you need to take in which semesters, with no choices. You must register for the required courses during the semester they are assigned.

a) If it says "Choice #XX, Click here" under "ELI Classes to Take", it means you have a few choices among different ELI courses for Fall and Spring. Click there, and it will take you to a screen that shows what choices you have.

b) If it says "See Director or Associate Director" or "See an ELI advisor", it means there is a special situation related to your placement results, and the Director, Coordinator, or another ELI advisor would like to talk with you about what is best for you, before you register for any ELI courses. To see an advisor, come to the advising session from 10:00-12:00 the day after your test. If you cannot come at that time, appointments can be made in the ELI Office (Moore 570), by phone (956-8610), or via email (uhmeli@hawaii.edu).

3) Print out or write down your results, and register for any classes you need to take. ELI classes are listed on myUH.

If you need help reading your results, or if you have questions, there are ELI staff available on the fifth floor of Moore Hall from 10:00-12:00 noon the morning after the test. If you cannot see the ELI staff at this time, please make an appointment to see the ELI Director (appointments can be made in the ELI Office, Moore 570, by phone at 956-8610, or via email at uhmeli@hawaii.edu).

Now, to get your results, click on the date you took the ELI Placement Test
(results should be available the night of the test):

January 7, 2016 ELIPT Results

January 13, 2016 ELIPT Results