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Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Procedures for Observing ELI Classes

Every semester, ELI classes are observed by a number of people, including ELI administrative staff, ELI teachers, students in the Department of Second Language Studies, and other visiting language professionals. Because the number of requests for observations of ELI classes is so large, we have had to set a limit on the number of times …

Online Observation Guidelines

The policies and procedures for observing ELI online classes are similar to those for observing our regular, “on-campus” classes. Is it for an SLS course assignment, or is it a short-term observation? Before approaching an ELI online teacher to ask about observing ELI online classes, it’s important to determine the purpose of your observation. Is …

Guidelines and Etiquette for Observers

Before Observing As far in advance as possible, ask the instructor for permission to observe the class, explaining your purpose for observing. Sometimes, if the observation is for research purposes, you may not want to give away too many details that could affect what is done in the classroom, but it is still reasonable to …