Online ELI Courses


Online ELI courses are designed for students who are pursuing online degrees but need to meet the university's ELI requirements. However, on-campus students at UH-Manoa can also take online ELI courses.

Keep in mind that online sections require just as much work as in-class courses*, and have similar deadlines for completing work. In addition, you are not able to ask questions face-to-face if taking an online course. Before registering for an online section of an ELI course, please read the information about "Is Online Learning Right for You?"

Currently, the following courses have online sections:

ELI 80 - Advanced Listening Comprehension
ELI 82 - Advanced ESL Reading
ELI 83 - Writing for Graduate Students
ESL 100 - Expository Writing: A Guided Approach

However, some of these courses may not be offered every semester. See the schedule of classes at myUH for course availability.

* Many students taking only courses say that it feels like there is a lot more "homework". This is because online courses do not have a regular meeting time -- all the time devoted to the course is done online. A typical classroom-based ELI course involves 3 hours per week in the classroom, plus 3-6 hours of homework each week. An online course has a total of 6-9 hours of work to do each week. Since the online courses have no "class" time, it feels as if there is more homework, but in fact, the total time is approximately the same.

Is Online Learning Right for You?