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It is important to understand that ELI requirements are actually university requirements — if you do not fulfill the university’s ELI requirements, it is possible that you will be disenrolled from the university, or that you will not be given a degree.

You must take ELI classes in the semesters assigned. If you do not register for your ELI classes in the semesters they are assigned, a hold will be placed on your registration. A “registration hold” stops you from registering, changing courses, borrowing books, etc.

To avoid this problem, make sure you register for any ELI classes you are required to take.

Results for each test are posted on the same day as the test.  If you took the ELI Placement Test for the current semester, click on the date of your test to find out your results:

August 19, 2021
August 24, 2021