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Preparing for the Test

The best way to prepare for the ELI Placement Test is to be familiar with the different parts of the test, so that you know exactly what to expect.

There are no “practice tests” that you can use to study from, but you can read about the structure of the ELI Placement Test here. It’s a good idea to review this the day before the test.

Additionally, we recommend that you try to sleep well the night before, and eat a good breakfast so that you have enough energy for the 4-hour test. It’s also a good idea to bring an “energy” snack to eat during the 15-minute break between the listening and reading tests.

Some people find it useful to practice the different skills that the test covers: writing, listening, and reading.

For writing, you could keep a journal in which you write your opinions about events and issues in the news. Allow yourself the same amount of time that our test allows – 45 minutes – and try to write a well-organized composition in which you support your views based on experience, things you’ve read, or things you’ve observed.

For listening, you could try to attend a lecture given in English and take notes, or you could listen and take notes to the English news from TV, radio, or the internet. If possible, you could try to record a short passage (around 50 words) and try to do your own “dictation test” from it.

For reading, you could try to get textbooks for classes you may need to take and start reading them. You could also read newspapers, news magazines, journal articles, or articles on the internet. Again, it’s good to give yourself a time limit so you can get used to reading under pressure.