Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Featured Research in the ELI

Read about published research that was conducted in the ELI on this page, which collates recently published research articles by UH Manoa scholars.

Procedures for Doing Research in the ELI

This page details necessary and recommended procedures for performing research in ELI classes, primarily targeted towards students in the Second Language Studies department. The document includes policies regarding research approval, those related to writing a research paper, and access to ELI materials and students.

ELI Research Agenda

This page includes a list of imaginary sample term paper titles, research questions, and topics for research and is intended to stimulate thinking and encourage investigations that would be of immediate assistance to the ELI or directly inform the policy and practice of ELI staff.

Past Research Conducted in the ELI

Research is one of the core missions of the ELI, and in-house research contributes to our program’s testing procedures, curriculum, instruction and other professional practices. This page lists recent and classic research conducted in the ELI. You can also view a list of all research conducted in the ELI on the ScholarSpace website, a repository for research performed by the UH Manoa academic community.