ELI Research Agenda

Towards an ELI research agenda....

The following list of imaginary sample term paper titles, research questions, and topics for research is not by any means exhaustive - it is simply intended to stimulate thinking and encourage investigations that would be of immediate assistance to the ELI or directly inform the policy and practice of ELI staff. (Most of this list was developed following discussions 12/9/98, between Crookes, Harsch, and Jacques; and revised by Faucette, Ishida, Ito, Talmy, Urano, Fall, 2002; Spring, 2003)


Curriculum in general


Curriculum-- Listening/Speaking

70 = Intermediate-level listening/speaking course
80 = Advanced-level

  1. Developing a diagnostic test for 70 & 80
  2. Materials review or development of Enriching materials/activities. Although the following sub-components are also in the order of priority—i.e., the ones listed top are higher in priority—we have different needs between 70 and 80. Namely, there are more needs for developing/finding enriching supplemental materials than finding new possible textbooks in 80. On the other hand in 70, we have an equal need for enriching supplemental materials and for finding new possible textbooks.
  3. How to help students make connections between strategies and academic needs
  4. Research on EAP programs with separate listening/speaking courses


Curriculum-- Reading

72 = Intermediate-level reading course
82 = Advanced-level

  1. Developing materials for diagnostic tests
  2. Materials Development for:


Curriculum-- Writing

73 = Intermediate-level writing course for graduate and undergraduate students
83 = Advanced-level writing course for graduate students
100 = Advanced-level writing course for undergraduate students

  1. Developing and improving the 73 curriculum
  2. Developing separate curriculum "tracks" within 73 for the graduate and undergraduate students


Curriculum-- Online Courses




Needs Analysis

NOTE: Many needs analyses, needs assessments, etc., have been done of the ELI population over the years. Consult the hard copy files before proposing more, please.




Testing & Assessment



Teacher development




The economics and politics of ESL




Research on institutional advancement