Suggestions for ELI Teachers
Whose Classes/Teaching is Being Researched

  • Keep in mind that UHM is a research university, so it is natural to expect a certain amount of research to be done in ELI classes. Don't be put off by people wanting to study your class or your teaching.
  • At the same time, remember that only research projects that have been approved by the ELI have permission to approach you or your class. If someone comes to you about a research project, check if they have already received ELI approval of their study. If not, refer them to the Assistant Director (and alert the Assistant Director, as well).
  • Know the ELI's research policies and procedures.
  • Any researcher who wants to use your class for research is required to prepare a short explanation (usually 1-2 paragraphs) of their study, in order to get your approval as a cooperating teacher. Anything that differs from this procedure should be reported to the Assistant Director.
  • Any ELI teacher has the right to refuse to participate or to allow his/her class to participate in a research study. If you do say "no", however, please inform the ELI Assistant Director so that he is aware of the situation. Also, be prepared to justify your refusal. Again, keep in mind that, before a researcher approaches you, their study should have been approved by ELI administration. However, teachers may have good reasons for not being able to cooperate with a researcher's request (e.g., student presentations of major projects may have been scheduled for the days the researcher wants to come to the classroom).
  • When a study involves specific teachers or classes, researchers are encouraged to send a copy of their paper to those teachers for review and comment, prior to submitting the paper to their professor. We suggest that you take the initiative on making this happen, to ensure that you or your course are not misrepresented. Most researchers will not intentionally misrepresent a teacher or a class, but remember, they are probably seeing only one or a few sessions of your 16-week course, and they may not be aware of everything you cover in your syllabus. In most cases, the researcher will gladly make any changes you point out. If, however, you have made comments to a researcher about something you feel is misrepresenting, and later find that changes were not made, please inform the ELI Assistant Director.