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Welcome to the ELI Writing materials area. Click the links below to view pages for assorted ELI 73, ELI 83, and ELI 100 resources. Most materials have been kindly submitted by ELI teachers, past and present. All resources are in Word document format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) for your editing convenience (there are some Excel, .pdf, and Powerpoint files, too).

Please give credit where credit is due!

A big thanks to all the teachers who have contributed! Keep the materials coming!

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ELI 73 Materials
ELI 83 Material
ELI 100 Materials
Administrative Materials

Syllabus Boilerplate Language for Plagiarism, Attendance, and
Classroom Visitor Policies


ELI Textbook Prices 2003-4 Academic Year (download) 


Writing Diagnostic Instructions (download) 

73 and 83

Various Administrative Materials (questionnaires, evals, etc.)

Miscellaneous Materials

Peer Response Materials & Revision Activities


Plagiarism, Summarizing/Paraphrasing/Quoting, & Citation Materials


Miscellaneous Teaching Materials

ELI Writing Area Archive- archive of older or redundant materials from all writing area courses

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