Section 2: Developing Effective Listening Strategies:

Helpful Internet Links for Listening Strategies


Listening Sites-Talks & Speeches
For University of California-Berkeley lectures- audio
For Princeton University lectures-audio and video
For some famous historical speeches
For talks on poetry
Very short listening clips
For health related talks-but currently audio files are being updated
You can search RealAudio and RealVideo sites on the web
Includes listening activities from beginner to advanced levels.
This site includes a collection of famous poems, songs, stories, exercises & games for listening and reading practice. However, you'll need to download and install an application (ComAudio Pro) and then download the files you want to listen to before you can extract them for use. But there's also a ComAudio Online link that'll give you access to materials for vocabulary learning instead.


Listening Sites-Radio/News
For audio daily news stories. (note: also has video, but you have to pay a monthly fee)
ABC news- audio & video
NPR-has news, interviews and archives of old pieces
PBS-has video archive
National Geographic magazine has a video archive on a variety of topics
For some interesting radio program archives (like NPR)
Voice of America-go to Webcasts and choose English
For radio broadcasts from around the world (including Australia); updated dai
For radio broadcasting available on the Internet; search talk and news
NewsTalk Radio - listen to live broadcasts.


Advice on Preparing and Giving Presentations


Advice on Note-Taking


General Advice on Listening/Speaking
Advice on how to improve your listening to a variety of sources.

Links to Links
Links to listening sites
Links to links-choose the advanced only
More links to links
Links to links-although many of these are low level.
Links to many other sites for listening practice.


has some lists of interviews with Hollywood celebrities (film)
For extra listening practice. Choose "Listening quizzes for academic purposes? or ?long conversations with RealVideo." Choose only difficult to very difficult
You have to subscribe and pay a fee. This lists interviews according to various accents of English! The topics are also rather academic (serious topics).
Through, you can choose from over 4,500 audiobooks and 14,000 other audio programs, download your selections, and listen to them whenever you want-but they charge a fee for this.
You can, however, listen for free to to short "samples" from their audiobooks.



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