Section 2: Developing Effective Listening Strategies:


Listening may be one of the most difficult language skills to master. Unlike reading or writing, when you listen you don't have the same opportunity to stop and look up difficult words and you do not control the speed of the information. One of the best ways to improve your listening comprehension is to develop and practice listening strategies.

This section will focus on some of the most important and helpful listening strategies available to you. These strategies include:

This section will provide you with the opportunity to practice these strategies as much as you would like. You will also be provided with further suggestions for more information and extra practice. You will be able to track your progress and assess your own use of these listening strategies.

Goal of this Section:

After working with the activities in this section, language learners will be more aware of effective listening skills, including predicting, inferencing, and listening for specific information. Learners will be able to use these listening strategies in both academic and non-academic listening situations to greatly improve their listening comprehension. Learners will also be able to assess their own listening comprehension and evaluate their own progress with these strategies.


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