Section 3: Leading & Participating in Academic Discussions:


Leading and participating in academic discussions can be difficult for any university student, and when you need to do this in a second language, it becomes even more difficult. There are many ways in which discussions can be a challenge. You must be aware of, and able to use, common and useful discussion phrases. You must also be comfortable interrupting discussions and asking questions or adding your own comments. Additionally, to participate in discussions, you need the ability to report on what you know, or to paraphrase what someone else has said. And you usually must use all of these skills at the same time.

This section focuses on three of the most important discussion skills:

The activities in this section will focus on some of the ways you can prepare yourself to actively and successfully participate in academic discussions. There are many opportunities to practice new skills and strategies, as well as more information and suggestions for extra practice. This section also encourages you to track and evaluate your own progress in academic discussions.

Goal of this Section:

The goal for Section 3 is to help you develop strategies and skills in order to successfully lead and participate in academic discussions, including being able to:


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