Helpful Internet Links for Writing Practice


Writing Sites

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL)


The OWL has a huge variety of resources to help students with writing, including:

Paradigm Writing Assistant

This site has a number of excellent narratives and exercises for every aspect of the writing process.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Writing Workshop -- Tips & Techniques

The fonts on this site are a bit hard to read, but there are some great handouts on many important aspects of writing.

UCLA College Libary Help Guides


UCLA's library's site with a number of helpful guides for writers.

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr.'s famous little book of tips for writers -- all online.

The Writing Den

This site includes writing tips and offers a list of topics and quizes for listening practice. You can even sign up for "word of the day" emails to help improve your vocabulary.


Grammar Sites

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This guide to better grammar and writing includes everything from the Word & Sentence Level to the Essay & Research Paper Level. It also, includes grammar quizes and links to other peripherals such as dictionaries & other online resources.


Includes numerous links to grammar tips and writing resources as well as references and vocabularies in an endless array of different subjects.

Rob Wilson's Auto-English

The best English exercises on the net. Includes grammar, idioms, vocabulary and many more. Enter The Grammar Aquarium for print-outs of everything you've ever wanted to know about the English language.


Documentation Sites

Bedford St. Martin's Citation Styles Index

Links to individual styles (MLA, APA, etc.) as well as to information on how to cite electronic sources.

Purdue OWL's Resources for documenting sources

Links to resources for documentation of papers in a variety of different subjects.

University of Wisconsin Writing Center--Documentation Guide

Tips on documentation as well as links to different styles of documentation, including electronic sources.


Reference Sites

A very comprehensive website of links to all the online references that you can find, from dictionaries to thesaurus, encyclopedias, almanacs & atlas. Also includes links to references for specific professional fields such as Medicine, Law & Science.

Translator, word of the day, and link to (very helpful with definitions & sinomyms to use for writing).

Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus

Besides being able to look up words, this site includes fun games & puzzles for practice in addition to word-of-the-day.

This encyclopedia is your online source for knowledge. Search for anything from A to Z. Aslo has links to dictionaries and other references.

Brittanica Encyclopedia Online

Another online encyclopedia source. This has more comprehensive browsing options that allow you to search by subject, aphabetically and for timelines.


Advice on Peer Editing

University of Wisconsin's page on Peer Review

This page has suggestions on how to respond to a draft when peer editing.



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