In Our Own Words

"In Our Own Words" is a place where we hope to publish ELI students' writing. In some ELI classes your teacher may select certain students' work to publish here. Or if you would like to write about aspects of your home culture, we would be happy to consider it for publication here, so that ELI students can learn about a variety of their classmates' cultures.

If you would like to write something for this section, please contact the ELI Director or your ELI teacher.

Click below to see what ELI students have written in their own words:

Time Perceptions, by Riwa Tanaka (ELI 100, Fall 2003, taught by Kelly McClanahan)

The Achievements and Mistakes of American Business Schools, by Dong Uk [Danny] Kim (ELI 100, Spring 2004, taught by Kelly McClanahan)