ELI Courses

Progression of ELI Courses

The ELI has two levels of courses in listening and speaking, reading, and writing. Although the lower level is called intermediate and the upper level is called advanced, students at both levels are actually quite advanced (an advanced level of English ability is necessary to be admitted to the university).


ELI 70
ELI 72
ELI 73
ELI 80
ELI 82

ELI 83 (grads)

ESL 100


The intermediate courses are followed by the advanced courses. In other words, if your initial placement is ELI 70, you will need to take ELI 70 in your first semester and ELI 80 in your second semester.


ELI Course Schedule

See myUH for the current and upcoming course schedule.


Online ELI Courses

Beginning in Spring 2002, some ELI courses became available online. Priority for registration in Online ELI courses is given to students who are enrolled in online degree programs, but other ELI students can register for these courses if space is available.

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