Student Comments from ELI Course Evaluations


The comments below come from end-of-semester ELI course evaluations. These evaluations are done in a completely anonymous way. For this reason, we do not have names of students connected with the comments below.

About ELI Writing Classes . . .

I think my English writing today is much better because this course helped me how to write a good thesis statement and how to support it in my essays. My thinking about writing changed this semester. Before I thought writing was just writing, but I realize now that it takes a lot of time (days or weeks) to have a really good final draft of writing. I learned that having only one draft (the first and yet the final draft) is not enough. Having lots of drafts will help me to find errors in my writing.

Before taking this course, I was weak in writing. Expressing my ideas effectively was my major concern. Throughout this course, I’ve learned many types of writing and many ways of expressing my ideas.

I think I have improved my writing skills since I’ve taken this class. I am now able to get better organized in my thoughts and I have learned several techniques that have helped with making my writing process easier. I have learned that I do have the potential to be a good writer. Writing takes a lot of time to enhance but practice does make PERFECT. The more effort I put into it, the better I’ll become.

My writing was terrible at the beginning of the semester. But now I have much more confidence in writing. I learned how to write down my ideas and thoughts effectively. Also, I learned how to write an academic paper.

ELI helped me become a better writer and gave me confidence in my writing.

I think ELI gave more opportunities to write various types of essays and helped me prepare for college level.

I learned some strategies and useful words and grammar appropriate for academic writing. Compared to the beginning of this semester, I am more careful to write in an academic way using strategies I learned during this class.

My English writing has improved. Writing is not as difficult as I used to think as long as you keep practicing.

My writing perspective changed. I now take it very seriously. I learned a lot of things about writing which will help me in the future to communicate in writing in a better way.

I strongly feel that my writing has improved. I’ve become confident in my writing although writing was my worst skill at the beginning of this semester.


About ELI Listening & Speaking Classes . . .

My English listening and speaking skills improved. Before I took this course, I have never made a presentation in English. So I didn’t have any confidence that I can go through a 10- minute presentation. But after I experienced 3 presentations in this class, I got more confident about my speaking skill in English. Of course, I have to improve my English skills more and more.

I think this class was helpful for me to improve my English ability- especially my speaking ability. It is worth noting that I have confidence to speak in English.

At the beginning of the semester, I had difficulty in even introducing myself. I was so nervous and didn’t get used to talking in English. But now, I don’t feel any hesitation in speaking English. This is my biggest achievement!

ELI is helpful to improve English speaking and listening.


About ELI Reading Classes . . .

My reading before taking this class was average but after taking this course, it was extravagant. That totally changed the way I think about reading and writing my papers.

My English reading today compared to the day I began this course is getting better. It takes less time for me to understand reading material. Also, I know how to analyze the reading material.


About the ELI in general . . .

Most of the ELI classes that I took this semester were very effective and helpful to me. I think the reason is because I start studying abroad this semester so I need to learn many things. Each instructor is very friendly and every class is satisfactory to me.

I think this is a GREAT program for the students who are international (Bilingual). English language is a hard language for us students to learn. Therefore, I would say keep this program asis.

ELI classes…helps students to get ready for core courses.

ELI is helpful preparation for advanced level English courses.

I think ELI is important for international students to prepare for academic learning in college.

This course really helps ESL students to improve their English.

I think ELI is great for all students who need to improve their English.

ELI is fun! My English improved through these classes.

ELI has a very good performance level.

I had good experiences in ELI class. Thank you!

I’m very satisfied and feel gratitude to everyone involved. Thank you so much!

ELI was very good and helpful to me.

ELI overall is excellent.

I’m so lucky to take this class!

ELI rocks!


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