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By taking ELI class, I learned a lot that I couldn’t learn from other classes.  I learned the importance of presentations, conversation, and listening. Not only that, but I also learned other cultures’ traditions through this class, as many classmates are from different countries.  In addition, the atmosphere of the class is so casual and friendly that gets us involved in many activities.  This really helps me to improve my speaking and listening skills… it is one of my favorite classes.

Yao Kan Chan


I think ELI courses are helpful for me.  Now I am a freshman, and I have only lectures in regular classes.  But in a few years, I will take more difficult classes which include assignments of many readings, essays and discussions in classes. 
My English skills will have to have reached a high enough level (to deal with them by that time). ELI courses are good for me in terms of improving my English skills.  Although I must consume time for ELI course, it is worth taking in the long run.

Lisa Tatsumi


There are many things I like about ELI.  First, I can meet people from various countries.  Each of us has unique culture, language, personality, dreams and so on.  It's very interesting to meet with them, exchanging ideas, encouraging each other in order to be successful in the university.  Second, ELI course helps me to develop my English skills, especially in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  This courses also gives me a chance to think about school life and myself.

Yoko Abe


In ELI classes, we can meet many students from many other countries.  Classes are small, so we can remember classmates’ names and be friends easily.  This is the best advantage for taking ELI for me.  In addition, if we make friends, it will help us studying English.

Also, the ELI classes I am taking have very good content to improve my English ability.  I am now taking ELI 73 writing and ELI 80 listening, both of these classes and projects are useful and help me improve my writing and listening/speaking ability.

Satoko Kimura


ELI provides me very good opportunities to not only improve my English but also to experience other cultures because I can meet and make friends with people from various cultures.  When I was first in ELI, I thought I could improve only my English skills, but now I learn more important things like good attitudes, confidence, my weaknesses and strengths.

Ji Young Kang


Many of my friends here say that I do not have to take ELI classes because my English is good enough.  My English is relatively not so bad, but it is not good enough for the graduate program which I am currently in.  I like these ELI classes…. The purposes to take these classes are to improve my English, to be familiar with other classes here, and to make friends. It is also credit or non-credit class, and that is convenient for me.  I am currently enjoying ELI classes.  I think I had right choices of instructors, too.

Ken Fukuda


ELI 80 course work is more related to real-life situations. Instead of being didactic, it allows the students to interact freely by class discussion, assignments, and helps us to communicate with people.  I have learnt a lot of things from the Expert Interview, how to interact with a person, how to interview, etc.

ELI 80 has a progressive approach, instead of being an end result oriented approach.  Each and every class builds a certain amount of confidence in the students, enables him to feel more comfortable to communicate with people in a more effective and competent manner.

Shankar Munusamy


International students sometimes cannot make friends and communicate a lot with friends because they worry about speaking English in their first semester.  But we can share our experience in ELI classes…  For example, some students have never presented their topics, so class exercises for presentations are very useful.  In my case, I could not speak up in my regular classes in the first semester, but I could speak up in ELI classes.  The ELI classes … especially listening classes, ELI 70 and 80, are very helpful to me.

Young Kyu Park


I’m taking ELI Listening class.  At first I thought it would not be that helpful…But after attending few classes, I realized this class is very helpful for international students.  It helps to brush up and increase the ability of listening.  It also helps to understand the accent that people use here.  I’m learning a lot from my class.  It’s really interesting and I’m enjoying my class.

Rosalin Pattnaik


It’s the great opportunity for me that UHM provides English courses for foreigner students.  It’s advantageous to me because it helps me improve English skills, including speaking, reading and writing….

Skills such as how we give presentation, we cannot find in the private English classes. It’s a good chance I take ELI 080, I can communicate with foreign students who are unaccustomed to English, like me. I like ELI.

Nopparat Sukrakarn


I think that being in the ELI class is really helpful for me because it gives me an opportunity to experience things that are required in regular classes:  reading assignments, presentation, discussion, writing a paper, etc.  Even though I can handle those things by myself if I’m required to do them, I think that practicing those things in ELI classes is really important for me.

Sachiko Tsunashima


When I was in high school, I took an ESL course.  Therefore, I thought why I have to take ESL courses again?... However, the first day of school, when I went to ELI class, the class was totally different than I thought. ELI course in college is for college students and more advanced than high school ELI.  Teacher teaches English very nice and excellent…Each ELI course has its own benefit to take.  The writing course, I can learn correct grammar and form of writing.  In reading courses, I can memorize new vocabulary, and can read faster than before.  In the listening and speaking class, my conversation skills are improving. 

Mika Yoshihara


ELI at UH is a successful program which helps international students to develop basic and advanced levels in English that could fulfill any specific academic field.  ELI provides good resources like experienced instructors and high-tech equipment to help this instruction go smoothly.  In the class, the environment is made comfortable for students. I have lots of fun in my ELI classes.

Kai F. Chan


I can have opportunity to talk and share opinions with international students in ELI classes.  In other classes I feel nervous to speak up in the class or have difficulty to deal with English among other students who are native English speakers because of my English skill.  In this point, ELI classes are a good chance to practice in order to speak up in class in English.  I like it.

Yuria Kura


This program [ELI] is designed for students who speak English as a second language to get abilities to study in university in U.S.  It contains specific skill training programs including listening, reading, writing which are skills needed for studying other academic courses.

ELI program also provides lots of opportunities for students to practice their listening and speaking abilities which are also needed for discussions and presentations in the other academic courses in university.  If the students from other countries enroll in this program, I am sure they will raise their abilities to study academic courses in university.

Hyunsuk Kwak


ELI at UHM, which is organized by writing, reading, and listening courses, enhanced my English skills required to be successful in college courses. Each ELI course is focused on improving work in regular courses.  For example, in reading class, students are required to analyze the textbook used in major courses.  Also, expert interview project is required for most ELI listening/speaking classes.  This activity provides the students opportunities to familiarize themselves with their instructors and their lecturers.  These course assignments are significantly useful for improving English skills.

Glen Shiraishi (pseudonym)

What I like about ELI at UHM is that we can experience several cultures. …  Small group discussion in class is good for me because I can't speak English perfectly, but we can understand each other.  Also through small group discussion, we can learn each others’ cultures and learn English… these things are what I like about ELI at UHM.

Chung-ki Hong


ELI at UHM is an English institution, which is created to assist and prepare foreign students like myself to learn and develop English ability at the university.  Furthermore, ELI is helping and teaching me how to adjust to new academic environment in the U.S.  For example, it shows us how to do research paper work, learn to do presentations.  It also encourages students to speak out in class through group discussion in class and so forth.

I enjoyed studying at ELI.  I learned a lot in ELI classes and met many students from around the world.  It helps me to share and get new experience and knowledge from those students. 

Marcelina Turquel


Students from other countries usually have difficulties on English.  ELI courses give these students an opportunity to improve language skills.  The class style of all the ELI classes is very casual that all the students have their chances to talk about their opinions.  This helps strengthen students' critical thinking skills.  Also, it is very nice to meet students from other countries and exchange our culture.

Kellie Kang


Before I came to Hawaii, I was quite confident that I am fluent in English [and] I am capable of handling classes in my field of study.
However, after attending the [ELI] classes, I think that those classes are very helpful for me, and help me study in my regular classes smoothly.  Also, I really like the way my ELI’s teachers teach me so much.

Pokpong Tuangthong


When I knew that I had to register two ELI courses for this semester, I was initially very disappointed… but now I think ELI is very useful for learning how to get along well with foreign students.  Also it helps me with English skills, such as academic writing presentation and so on.

Byung-Kwon Park


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