ESLJ-L Job List

What is ESLJ-L?

This is a job-postings and discussion list run by the Department of Second Language Studies (SLS) at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. This list is for current students and alumni of the Department of SLS.

There are four main types of job postings on the list.

1. Jobs in Hawai`i - these job announcements are posted in their entirety, when the Job Officer gets requests for teachers.

2. Tutoring positions - these are requests for tutors locally, usually by people who are seeking someone in the graduate programs

3. Special requests for qualified teachers made directly to the SLS Department - when a program sends an announcement specifically to SLS, which means that they'd specifically prefer a graduate of our programs, the full announcement is posted on eslj-l.

4. Job Indexes - once every few weeks, a message is sent out with a list of recently found MA-level jobs, and another for recently found PhD-level jobs. These come from position announcements that were found from other web and email sources. There are usually 5-10 or more of these, so brief, basic information only is posted (name of institution, location, type of position, and deadline for application or starting date) to avoid cluttering up email. If you want to see the full job announcement, you can check the job board at SLS, on the 5th floor of Moore Hall. For those who do not have access to the job board, you can ask the Employment Officer to send you, in an email message, the full job announcement for the specific job you are interested in.

To join eslj-l

Send a message to, requesting that you be added to the eslj-l list. Include whether you are a current student or alumnus. (If you are neither, but have an advanced degree in ESL or a related field and professional experience, it may be possible to be put on the list, but exceptions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. )

After you've been approved, you'll receive a welcome message that tells you more about the job list and how to best use it.

To unsubscribe from eslj-l or change your e-mail address

Send another message to, asking to be unsubscribed. Similarly, if you need to change your e-mail address, include this information in your message.


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