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Many of these sites have numerous links to other related websites, including sites with teaching activities.

Gray lists. Gray lists are compilations of information about particular institutions that have, perhaps justly or perhaps unjustly, come under fire as being poor places to work. Usually these are in the form of letters (written by teachers, ex-teachers, administrators, etc.) about an institution. The people who maintain most gray lists try to remain objective, and allow both sides a voice. Some of them warn people not to teach at a particular institution, and give supporting reason why the institution should be avoided. Others are praises of institutions about which there have been complaints. One suggestion for using gray lists -- skim through them before you apply to a particular institution to see if that institution is mentioned, and if so, read carefully and think about whether or not you really want to apply there.

AAA EFL Links: Employment page (BA, some MA & PhD)

Lists jobs by region, has a few additional job links and a gray list. Probably more useful for people with a BA degree, but has some links that could be of use to people with MA or PhD degrees.

AAAL List of Academic Job Openings in Applied Linguistics (PhD, some MA)

Lists jobs in reverse chronological order. For people with a PhD and MA degrees in fields related to languages and linguistics.

ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Job Central Site

Allows you to sort and browse jobs by type/language, and to create a folder of jobs you are interested in, to save and return to later.

Agora Language Marketplace: Employment page (certificates, MA, PhD)

Lists jobs by type (e.g., Administrative) or by language. Primarily jobs for holders of certificates or advanced degrees. (Note: this takes you to a homepage. At that page, you have to click on "Offers of Employment".)

The Chronicle of Higher Education (PhD, MA)

You must be a subscriber to The Chronicle online to get the current week's postings, but at this site you can see all jobs posted in the prior week's issue. For professionals with advanced degrees.

CUNY's Linguistic Enterprises ESL Job Page (MA, PhD)

Click on the link to "Jobs". Job-search advice and links to positions, etc. for people in fields related to Linguistics. Primarily for MA and PhD holders.

Dave's ESL Café Job Links (BA, some MA, PhD)

A very extensive site, with lots of job listings (in reverse chronological order), a "job wanted" page, gray lists and other forms of job information, a teacher-training forum, and a really incredible job-info links page. The majority of jobs are for people with a Bachelor's degree, so people with advanced degrees will have to hunt around.

Digital Education Network's ELT Job Centre (BA, MA, PhD)

Lists jobs by country (you have to click on the "By country job list"). For BA through PhD levels.

ELT News Job Page (mainly BA)

Lists jobs in Japan only, primarily for people with a Bachelor's degree.

ESL Jobs World (BA, MA)

Lists a wide variety of jobs by region, and allows you to send e-mail directly to the employer from the site.

EPIK and TaLK. (BA)

Two programs run by the Ministry of Education in Korea. EPIK (English Program in Korea) is for native-speaking (or near-native) co-teachers of English in Korean K-12, and accepts people with a BA. TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) is an after-school conversation-based program for elementary school students, and accepts students in the middle of university for short-term internships or BA holders for longer contract positions.

Fedworld's Federal Job Search Site (BA, MA, PhD)

U.S. Government jobs. To find ESL or other language-related jobs, you need to conduct a search on keywords (e.g., "ESL"). For BA, MA & PhD holders. (BA)

Lists positions in multiple fields, including teaching. Allows you to search by keyword, industry type, or location (or a combination of all of these). (MA, PhD)

Lists positions in higher education in the United States and Canada. Allows you to search by category (administrative, executive, faculty, or part-time), position (by state or province, or by institution), or keyword (e.g., "ESL"). For MA and PhD holders.

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs JET Program Site

Official site run by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. General information, testimonials of past JET employees, application information, etc.

Language Magazine's Job Shop

Lists language-teaching jobs in the United States, with links to each state.

The Linguist List's Jobs in Linguistics (PhD, some MA)

Postings by year, in reverse chronological order. Primarily for professionals in fields related to linguistics.

Mark's ESL World - The International Job Board

A wide variety of ESL job postings, from language schools that will accept native-speaker teachers with a bachelor's degree in anything, through the PhD level for ESL program director positions. Programs self-post announcements. Each page (including postings) have advertisements at the top, but it's a quick scroll down to the important information.

Ohayo Sensei: The Newsletter of (Teaching) Jobs in Japan (BA, MA, PhD)

Bi-monthly newsletter with lots of information about living and teaching in Japan, including a lot of job postings. Click on "Receive the Current Issue" and then click on "File Transfer Protocol" within one of the paragraphs to get the current issue online.

Thomas Robb's School Calendars Around The World

Information about when the school year begins and ends in different countries around the world. A must read for anyone planning to move somewhere new to teach.

Teach English in Asia Job Site (BA+)

Lists jobs by country within Asia, plus others throughout the world. Useful capsules of information on getting good jobs, learning about the cultures, history, and daily life in popular locations.

Teach in China Job Site (BA+)

Lists jobs by location within China. Mostly for people with a BA, or BA plus certificate.

TEFL Professional Network Job Site (BA, MA, some PhD)

A job search site, with information listed by country. To search, scroll down through the information until you come to a pull-down menu with countries. Click there and find the country you want, then click on the button that says "Go".

TESOL's Career Site (BA+, MA, PhD)

Job clearinghouse for TESOL members only. Most jobs are for MA or PhD holders, but some are for those with a BA and certification.



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