Jobs in Language Professions

What kinds of jobs are there for someone with an advanced degree in Second Language Studies?

  • Professor/Instructor in applied linguistics, TESOL, etc. (often requires a PhD)
  • Second-language teacher (English or other second languages)
  • Tutor
  • Program administrator
  • Curriculum development specialist
  • Researcher
  • Test developer/testing specialist
  • Teacher trainer
  • Consultant on linguistic/second-language matters
  • Materials writer
  • Materials editor
  • Publisher's representative
  • Computer/software developer
  • Language lab administrator
  • Translator, interpreter
  • Statistician
  • Owner of your own language school
  • International student services specialist
  • School counselor
  • Organizer of international/overseas programs
  • Specialist for a department or ministry of Education
  • Immigration officer or specialist
  • Military/FBI/CIA language specialist

New niches are probably waiting to be invented, as well.

Where you can do these jobs seems limited mainly by your interests, budget, and imagination. How competitive it is depends on the place, type of job, and how glamourous it seems (also how well-kept a secret it is) -- but you can bet that things are only going to get more competitive, not less.

Several of these "jobs" may not be enough to allow for making a living, so you may want to consider dual-duty (e.g., combining teaching, research, and consulting, or teaching and writing materials) if the kind of work you really want doesn't exist on its own.


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