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Program Description

The English Language Institute (ELI) is housed within the internationally renowned Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. The primary purpose of the ELI is to provide instruction in academic English and strategies for more effective study for international and immigrant students (i.e., students who have English as a second language) who are enrolled at the university. Only students who have been admitted to UH-Manoa are eligible to register for ELI courses.


Program Information

Length of Term: 16-week semesters.

Calendar: Fall semester is from late August to mid-December. Spring semester is from early January to mid-May.

Average Class Size: Enrollment varies by semester and type of class, but all ELI classes have between 10 and 20 students.

Program Size: 150-200 students, depending on the semester.


Position Information

Categories of Positions: Director, Coordinator of Curriculum and Teacher Development, Instructor, Graduate-Assistant (GA), Lecturer.

Status of Positions: Full- and part-time.

Required Qualifications:

Director (full-time) -- MA/ESL, administrative and teaching experience

Coordinator of Curriculum and Teacher Development (full-time) -- MA/ESL, administrative and teaching experience

Instructor (full-time) -- MA/ESL and teaching experience

GA (part-time) -- must be current graduate students in MA/ESL or PhD/SLA programs and enrolled in 6 or more credit-hours

Lecturer (part-time) &endash; MA/ESL or current graduate student in MA/ESL program.

Preferred Qualifications:

Full-time Instructor, GA, and Lecturer -- Extensive experience teaching ESL/EFL, experience with living in a second culture, demonstrated excellence in teaching, extensive knowledge of ESL pedagogy, theory, and practice.

Director and Coordinator of Curriculum and Teacher Development -- In addition to the above items, experience in supervising academic personnel, curriculum design and implementation, and other facets of administering an ESL program.

Usual Contract Period: Administrative positions depend on tenure of the administrator; instructors have one-year contracts; graduate assistants and lecturers are usually hired on a semester-by-semester basis.

Salary/Wage Range: Salary scales follow those set by the State of Hawai`i. Half GAs make approximately $500/month and full GAs make approximately $1000/month.

Benefits: half tuition-waiver for half GAs; full tuition waiver and eligibility for medical insurance for full GAs. All GAs are eligible for a waiver of the non-resident tuition rate while they serve as GAs.

Teaching Load: Full-time Instructors teach four 3-credit courses per semester. GAs and Lecturers teach one or two 3-credit courses per semester.

Types of Courses: Intermediate and advanced courses in listening/speaking, reading, and writing.


Recruitment Information

Application Process: GA and Lecturer applications are available through the Department of Second Language Studies, but only for graduate students in SLS programs. When other positions are available, they are advertised locally, and sometimes internationally.

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