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Program Description

The Hawai‘i English Language Program (HELP) is a full-time, intensive English language program. Courses are noncredit, are offered at all levels.  HELP's curriculum is content-based with all courses having integrated skills.  HELP is a special program of the University of Hawai'i's Department of Second Language Studies (formerly ESL), world famous for its faculty and research.


Program Information

Length of Term: Eight weeks during academic year, 4 weeks during summer.

Calendar: Terms begin in August, October, January,  April,  June , and July.

Average Class Size: 11-15 students.

Program Size: 80-120 per term.


Position Information

Categories of Positions: Director, Curriculum Coordinators/ Instructors Internships, Graduate Assistants.

Status of Positions: Full and part-time.

Required Qualifications: MA in ESL or related field (Director, Curriculum Coordinators/Instructor Interns); Enrollment in MA program in ESL (Graduate Assistants) and previous ESL teaching experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Extensive experience teaching ESL to similar populations, experience with cross-cultural communication, experience living in a second culture, demonstrated excellence in teaching, extensive knowledge in ESL pedagogy theory and practice. For all supervisory positions (Director and coordinators), experience in mentoring/ supervising academic personnel, experience in curriculum design and implementation.

Usual Contract Period: One-year period.

Salary/Wage Range: Full-time faculty start at 2776.00/month.

Benefits: Full-time faculty: health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave.

Teaching Load: FT instructor = 4 courses per term;  .5 GA = 2 courses per term; .25 GA = 1 course per term.

Types of Courses: Content-based curriculum with courses in the following strands: Language in Literature, Business and Travel Industry, Media, Academic Prep, and TOEFL/TOEIC.


Recruitment Information

Application Process: Openings for Instructor internships and for graduate assistants are advertised locally through the Department of Second Language Studies. Applications for emergency hire of lecturers are accepted year round. Send application to contact person at the address listed above.

What to Include in Application Packet: For full time instructor internships and graduate assistants, materials to be included in the application packet usually include a current curriculum vitae, a cover letter, and three letters of reference. Required materials are specified at the time of advertising.

When to Apply: See above.

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