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Phone: (808) 543-8075
Website: http://www.els.edu
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Contact Person: Maria Levy, Academic Director

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Program Description

ELS Language Centers has been preparing students for university study in the USA by teaching them English for over 50 years.  ELS Language Centers is now happy to partner with Hawai’I Pacific University (HPU) to help students reach their academic goals.

ELS offers students the following English programs:

English for Academic Purposes Program:  Fulfills the English language requirement for admission to over 650 US universities and colleges, including Hawai’i Pacific University.

Semi-Intensive English Program:  Learn English at a leisurely pace.

American Explorer Program:  Designed for tourists who would like part-time English study.

Program Features:

Classes are held in the morning and in the afternoon. This 12 level curriculum includes courses in grammar, conversation, technology, reading and writing, and various electives. Our curriculum uses a communicative, learner-centered approach. Most of our students are international student visa holders, and many of them plan to pursue higher education in the U.S.

Learn more about our English programs at www.els.edu/programs


Program Information

Length of Term: 4-week terms for all three programs. However, the number of lessons per week varies by program:

English for Academic Purposes Program:  30 lessons per week.

Semi-Intensive English Program:  20 lessons per week.

American Explorer Program:  15 lessons per week

Calendar: 13 start dates annually

Average Class Size: less than 15 for most classes (Technology and Skills Enhancement classes have a maximum of 30 and 20 respectively)

Program Size: not available


Position Information

Categories of Positions: Instructor

Status of Positions: Full-time, part-time, temporary and substitute instructors.

Required Qualifications: B.A./B.S. with a minimum of 6 months of relevant teaching experience required.

Preferred Qualifications: M.A. in ESL or Applied Linguistics with extensive teaching experience.

Usual Contract Period: As needed. Courses run every four weeks.

Salary/Wage Range: Further information available in the interview phase; based on highest degree held by instructor.

Benefits: Full-time instructors receive an extensive benefits package; further information available at time of interview. Temporary or part-time instructors do not receive a benefits package.

Teaching Load: As needed, up to a maximum of six course hours per day.

Types of Courses: Courses include Structure/Speaking Practice, Language Technology, Reading/Writing, and Vocabulary Enrichment, and various Skills Enhancement Classes (SECs).  For full details of the academic prep programs, see www.els.edu/programs


Recruitment Information

Application Process: Send resume, cover letter, and names and contact information of three references to the Academic Director of ELS Language Centers. Interview will be scheduled based on applicant qualifications and program needs.

What to Include in Application Packet: Resume; cover letter outlining availability (dates and times) and summarizing relevant experience; names and contact information of 3 references; current contact information, including telephone and email, if available.

When to Apply: Anytime; resumes are kept on file for a year; update yearly to remain in the applicant pool.

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