Intercultural Communications College
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: +1 (808) 946-2445
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Contact Persons:
Louise Minervino, Director of Academics

Program Description
Program Information
Position Information
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Program Description

Different programs:

English for Communication -- Designed to develop
communicative competence through study and practice of the structure,
functions, and usage of English in all skill areas.

English for Business -- Equips students with
effective oral and written skills to excel in the business
environment. Also includes Internet and software training components.

TOEIC Preparation -- Prepares students to shine on the Test of English
for International Communication. Official TOEIC test given every four

Cambridge Preparation -- Prepares students for excellence in the
First and Advanced Certificate Cambridge exams.

TOEFL/University Preparation -- Prepares students not only to excel on
the TOEFL, but more importantly, to be successful once admitted to a
college or university. ITP test given monthly.


Program Information

Length of Term: All but Cambridge: 4 weeks. Cambridge: 12 weeks.

Calendar: Every four weeks throughout the year, starting mid-January.

Average Class Size: Maximum 14, average 12

Program Size: 130-175 every month.


Position Information

Categories of Positions: Director, Assistant Director, Registrar, Student Services (various), Program Coordinators, Instructors.

Status of Positions: Most full time. Instructor positions: 20 hours/week is full-time.

Required Qualifications: M.A. in ESL or closely related field (in hand or in process) + experience teaching ESL to adults. B.A. in ESL with considerable experience may satisfy for some positions.

Preferred Qualifications: M.A. in ESL/Applied Linguistics + extensive experience teaching adults in an immersion setting.

Usual Contract Period: Instructors: 4 weeks minimum.

Salary/Wage Range: Instructors: $18.50-$25

Benefits: After eight weeks, an individual medical plan for employee. After 6 months, paid holidays. After a year, paid vacation. Optional IRA with matching investment plan after 6 months.

Teaching Load: Typically 20 hours a week.

Types of Courses: Dependent on program. English usage, structure, and skill development.


Recruitment Information

Application Process: Send resume with cover letter to:

Teacher Search
Intercultural Communications College
1601 Kapiolani Boulevard #1000
Honolulu, HI 96814

What to Include in Application Packet: References and sample lesson plan.

When to Apply: Applications accepted at any time.

Other: After we review documents above, we will call suitable applicants in for an interview. After that stage, applicant will be asked to observe a class, then to do a demo lesson for a minimum of one hour.

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