765 Amana St. Suite 507
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: (808) 946-0579
FAX: (808) 946-0852
Contact Person: Michiko Nakamura, Vice President
Program Description
Program Information
Position Information
Recruitment Information

Program Description

The purpose of our workshop is to remove the obstacles to speaking English which Japanese English learners have, and to build a learning approach so that they can continue their study enthusiastically and efficiently. The body of the workshop consists of activities with native English speaking staff, monitored by Japanese staff. Based on the difficulties that the Japanese learners encounter in their activities, the Japanese staff counsel them on building better communication skills. All native English speaking staff are ordinary Americans who enjoy sharing their life and culture with Japanese people.


Program Information

Length of Term: 1 week - 1 month.

Calendar: Flexible.

Average Class Size: 1 - 5 people.


Position Information

Categories of Positions: Program Staff.

Status of Positions: Casual hire.

Usual Contract Period: a few days.

Salary/Wage Range: $ 10-15 /hour.

Types of Courses: Activity-based Workshop.


Recruitment Information

Application Process: Call Michiko Nakamura or stop by NACOS for an interview.

What to Include in Application Packet:

When to Apply: Any time.

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