Jobs for Language Professionals


What can you do for a living with an advanced degree in Second Language Studies? Look at Jobs in Language Professions for lots of possibilities, some you may not have thought about before.


Looking for work? Tutoring? Part-time teaching while you're in the MA or PhD program? Or perhaps you'd just like to be informed of what kinds of jobs are available - here in Hawai`i, on the mainland, or internationally? Join the ESLJ-L Job List (for students and alumni of graduate programs in the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa). And if you're considering living and working in Hawaii, you may want to check out ESL Jobs in Hawaii, which contains overview information about ESL jobs in the Hawaiian islands.


Nearing graduation? Ready to begin your own intensive job search? Take a look at Using the Internet for a Job Search.


Do you need to make, improve, or tailor your CV? Write cover letters? Develop a Teacher Portfolio? You may want to join the Teacher Portfolio and Preparation Series (TiPPS) workshops given during the first half of Fall and Spring semesters, or just check out the TiPPS website for pointers.


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