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Student Resources

There are a number of great resources at UH and online that can help you through your journey of learning English at UH. Here are some of them.

UH Campus Academic Resources

UH Campus Service Resources

Online Resources

  • ReadLang: you can download ReadLang to your web browser and read anything on the internet with a built-in bilingual dictionary. You can also create flashcards from the words that you look up.
  • play a vocabulary challenge game using your own word list or words generated by the program.
  • make an online deck of flashcards and study anything you want.
  • play an online vocabulary game that donates food to the hungry as you play.]
  • Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL): this website has an amazing amount of information about academic writing, and it’s especially useful when you’re learning how to use academic citations in your papers.
  • The Academic Word List: this is a list of words that come up frequently in English academic writing.
  • The ELI Student Handbook (archive): if you’re interested in learning more about the ELI, or what to do in case you run into any trouble, check out this resource. Some of it is a little out of date, but it has some great resources.