While at the William S. Richardson School of Law and the Environmental Law Program, students have the opportunity to gain experience through externships, pro bono projects, and summer jobs. Graduates of the law school are trained to successfully pursue a wide variety of exciting careers in environmental law. They are employed by federal and state agencies, federal and state judiciaries, private law firms, public interest law firms, and non-profit organizations.

Photo L-R: Michael Tsuji, Director, Clean Water Branch, Enforcement Section; Larry Lau, Office of the Attorney General; Jed Davis, '02; Jill Raznov, '03; Dennis Tulang, Director, Wastewater Branch; Lee Ann N.M. Brewer, Office of the Attorney General. (Photo by Bob Chin).


To get started, check our postings page to see what opportunities exist in the field or look at some good environmental conferences and volunteer opportunities in Hawaii.

Career Resources

Check out our Hawaii Resources including our 2009 Careers Directory in .pdf format. We also have resources for environmental careers Beyond Hawaii.

In the Field

Read about ELP Students in the Field to discover where students have worked and volunteered. Click here to learn more are Externship Opportunities.

ELP Students in the Field:

L to R: Koalani Kaulukukui, Ashley Obrey, and Everett Ohta on Mauna Kea.


Everett Ohta, Class of 2009 and Ashley Obrey, Class of 2009

"Earthjustice provides an unparalleled summer experience for students interested in protecting Hawai`i's natural resources and environment. As a law office devoted exclusively to public interest environmental litigation, summer law clerks are exposed to a wide range of state and federal laws that relate to environmental issues at the forefront of local concern. Summer work also covers a wide range of tasks, from drafting court documents for established cases to assisting in case investigations for cases that have yet to be developed. Although work takes place in a casual office environment, Earthjustice litigates cases that improve the way that individuals, entities, and even laws, function in our islands."

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