Undergraduate Students

Ian Tierney

Environmental Studies, web design;

Ian has been involved with the tourism industry from a young age. He was paticularly interested in the geographic isolation of the Hawaiian Islands allowing for a great learning opportunity in the study outside his home in California. Today he shares his time with a restaurant in Waikiki, school full time at the University of Hawaii and is the webmaster of the STEP site.

Brenna St. Onge
Travel Industry Management;

Brenna St. Onge is originally from Telluride, Colorado and developed a love of nature at an early age. Currently she is a senior in the school of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is passionate about creating a place-based approach to tourism that honors the local culture, preserves the ecology and meets the needs of the guests. "founding member of STEP"

Ryan Hoan


I'm a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I chose IS as my major because I wanted a path that gave me the opportunity to connect with passionate people in many different departments.  This campus-wide freedom led to a number of priceless experiences and internship opportunities. I'm currently working in a genetics lab, studying evolutionary ecology and conservation biology.   

Damian McPherson

Sustainable Tourism;

Starting with a background in ecotourism and a passion for the outdoors, Damian McPherson shares his time with nature and the classroom. What started as a part time job has now become his lifes pursuit as he is dedicated to the ecotourism industry and ways that it can be the future of Hawaii.

Airon Whitt

Sustainable Tourism and Developement Management;

Airon Whitt is from Hattiesburg, Mississippi originally and came to UH as a transfer student from Mississippi State University in Environmental Geoscience.  She is currently majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, making a major in Sustainable Tourism and Development Management. This degree consists of Environmental Science, Anthropology, and Tourism, where she is currently working to reduce the impact the tourism industry has on the local culture and environment of Hawaii and other areas of interest. 

Cassidy Lum

Environmental Studies; logo design

I spend a lot of time in the ocean and I work with marine invertebrates and other reef fishes. This led me to go into marine life conservation. The environmental studies program gives me the opportunity to share with the public how important it is to protect our oceans and all its inhabitants.

Leigh Anne Crocco

Marine Biology and Coastal Geography

Leigh Anne found the STEP group when she went looking for a group of like minded individuals. She is commited to bringing awareness to environmental destruction and encourages connecting all college students to protect the environment.

Tiffany Tan

Environmental Studies

Education and community development, sustainability education, grass roots education, and helping with affordable housing initiatives. She has a vision, to bring the opportunity for education to rural Indonesia by building a school for the keiki.

Allie Bonner

Tourism Management.

Ms. Bonner has an immense interest in sustainability and traveling, which has led her from Canada to Hawaii, and everywhere in between. Constantly commited to helping companies improve their sustainability initialtives. One day she will open and operate a green resort.


John Cusick

Ph.D., Environmental Center (EVS)

Harold Richins

Ph.D, School of Travel Industry Management (TIM)

Linda Cox

Ph.D., School of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)

Amber O'niell

BS Business Administration at University of California Riverside. (EVS)

Graduate Students

Bixler McClure, M.A. student, Geography
Scott Burch, M.A. student, Geography
Ryan Riddle, M.A. student, Geography
Melanie Saucier, M.S. student, NRM
Matt Matturo, M.A. student, TIM
Chelsea Neal-Ricker, M.A. student, TIM
Odonchimeg Ichinkhorloo, M.A. student, TIM



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