The Environmental Studies Certificate is open to all classified undergraduates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who are interested in attaining an additional credential signifying their commitment and competence in environmental matters. The Certificate is awarded upon graduation, after the candidate has successfully completed 15 credit hours of coursework, in addition to fulfilling major and general education requirements. Students with majors in humanities or the social sciences concentrate on courses in the natural environment, while natural science majors concentrate on the social environment. Certificate candidates are required to submit a proposal and complete 15 credit hours of course work, including two required courses and three electives.

1. Two required courses (6 credits):

I. Biol 310 Environmental Issues (offered in alternate years) or Ocn/OEST 310 – Global Environmental Change

II. IS 489 Environmental Practicum (fall semester only)

2. Select three courses from the list:

Candidates majoring in the social sciences or humanities must select two elective courses in the natural sciences and one from the social sciences.

Candidates majoring in the natural sciences must select two elective courses from the social sciences and one from the natural sciences.

3. Prerequisites: Substitutes may be allowed for some prerequisites. Please check with the EVS Advisor or instructor.

4. Courses taken for the Certificate cannot be from your major department or be used to fulfill major course requirements or for any other certificate.

For more information and a list of courses please click here