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IS 489

(WI) Writing Intensive
3 credits

Field experience in the study and abatement of environmental problems under faculty direction. Project proposal, narrative activity log, and documentary report are required. Pre: Senior standing or consent.

Students undertake an individually designed research project as part of an environmentally focused internship with a government agency or organization.


The objectives of the course are threefold:

To provide students with "hands on" research experience with an organization or agency with potential career opportunities.
To provide students with insight as to academic needs and career opportunities in terms of future course work and/or graduate studies.
To provide students with insight as to their need for a change in academic/career direction!


Outside Classwork: Approximately 6 hours/week. Times to be arranged.

Students are provided with a list of potential organizations and sponsors.
Students arrange for and interview with three potential sponsors from the list.
Sponsor is selected.
A research project is identified by the sponsor and student.
A research proposal is written by the student with guidance from the sponsor, instructor, and text.
Research begins.
Classwork: Meet once a week for 2.5 hours

Classes focus on interview procedures, research methodologies, technical report writing, and issues pertinent to Environmental Management at the state, national and international level. Lectures and discussions are offered by guest speakers specializing in such topics as: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Environmental Law, Alternate Energy Systems, Environmental Health, Hazardous Waste Management, and Marine Resource Management.

Informal reports (oral) on the mission of the sponsoring agency/organization and progress of the research project are given by the students. Discussion is encouraged to identify or solve problems.
Written Reports (progress and final) on the results of the research are required.
Oral presentation: Formal (in lieu of final exam).
Guest Speakers.