Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Environmental Center?
The Environmental Center was created by the Hawaii state legislature in 1970. The Center's three areas of focus are education, research, and service

What is the Environmental Studies (EVS) Program?
The Environmental Studies program offers opportunities for individually designed courses of study  to focus on the environmental aspects of natural resource management, law, public health, education, pollution control, chemistry, or marine issues, to name a few of the possible areas of concentration. The Environmental Center of the University serves as the coordinator and student advisor for the Environmental Studies program.

What are the options available in the EVS Program?
The EVS program offers two options: 1) A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with a Major Equivalent in Environmental Studies or 2) a Certificate in Environmental Studies.

How do I apply for the Environmental Studies program?
If you are interested in the Environmental Studies Major or Certificate program, please contact Dr. John Cusick at the Environmental Center at (808) 956-7361, 956-3968 or by email ( ).

Where can I get a UHM catalog?
The UHM Bookstore sells the University of Hawaii at Manoa General and Graduate Catalog. Contact them at (808) 956-4338. An online catalog is also available.

What outside services does the Environmental Center provide?
Our service role integrates all of the other functions of the Center, building upon research and education to offer unique insights into emerging and ongoing problems. Our reviewers are comprised of faculty, staff and students from the University’s ten campuses.

What types of research does the Environmental Center take part in?
Our research projects cover a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, from evaluating environmental regulations and water quality studies to the development of computer programs to aid environmental management, just to name a few.

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