Review Process
Environmental Notice

Environmental Review Service

The Environmental Center was mandated by the State Legislature to make most effective the contributions of the university to the problems of determining and maintaining optimum environmental quality. Through our Service program, we accomplish this principally by providing access to the vast wealth of diverse expertise resident in the statewide university community.

In a very real sense, our service role integrates all of the other functions of the Center, building upon research and education to offer unique insights into emerging and ongoing problems. Our reviewers are comprised of faculty, staff and students from the University’s ten campuses. We maintain and regularly update a list of these reviewers and their particular areas of expertise, and we routinely seek their opinions on both the accuracy and the comprehensiveness of environmentally-related documents.

Because issues of environmental quality are complex and frequently involve conflicting interests, coordinating expert opinions from a wide range of disciplines is an essential requirement for informed environmental management. Although universities are an ideal source of diverse information, a specific mechanism for interdisciplinary communication must be in place so that decision makers may be appropriately informed. The Center provides this mechanism to ensure that the environmental expertise resident within the University of Hawaii system is readily available.

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