Fresh Water Animals
Hawaii's Watersheds

Introduced Fish:

Dojo loach
Introduced prior to 1900 on Kaua'i, O'ahu and Mau'i. Used as bait.
Adult size 4 inches (10 cm) in length.

Convict cichlid

(Golden) Tilapia
Introduced in the 1950's. Cultured for food in Africa and Asia. Characterized by the long dorsal fin. Differentiated from the bluegill by having no blue or black opercular flap. Useful to control aquatic plants in irrigation systems and as a food fish. Adult size 4-6 inches (10-14 cm) in length. Young have, dorsally, horizontal black bars.

Family Poeciliidae:
Swordtails, guppies, mollies and top minnows. Common in streams, ponds, resevoirs. A large family of small, live-bearing fish. Used as aquarium fish and as bait fish. Suitable for classroom aquariums. Mosquito fish are also a member of this family.


Mosquito fish
Brought from Texas in 1905 for mosquito control. Abundant in lower reaches of streams. Can reach a length of 1 inch (2.5 cm).




Family Loricariidae:

Armoured catfish

(Armoured catfish) variations

Hawaii's Watersheds

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